Nail care tips in urdu

Nail care tipsThe nail continues to grow throughout life, if not prevent pathological effects of this. The average growth of the nail is about 3 mm per month or 2.5 cm per year. With increasing age decreases the growth. The growth peaks at an age between 10 and 14 years and decreases slowly from age 20.

Nail biting, accidental damage or loss cause the nail plate grows faster. The nail plates of the men are growing faster than women’s, especially on the dominant hand. Here are nail care tips and healthy nail care tips for men and women’s. With our these nail care tips you can give proper and daily nail care to your brittle and splitting nails.

Nail care tips

1. For brittle, splitting nails using a sand plate file, as this allows a gentler files. Note only lasts for about 2 Manicure.

2. Files with corrugated metal surface use as possible, since they are not an abrasive enough and the nail is therefore processed vigorously and then can splinter. Width narrower nails give if they are filed to a pointed oval shape.

3. Regular nail oil or nail polish in a circular motion rub around the nail bed. This makes the skin soft and elastic. Before painting the nails not a continuing dip since the nails swell by absorbing water and to shrink when dry again, the paint is peeling.

4. Apply before the color coat, base coat. He compensates for minor irregularities of the nail plate, the paint lasts longer and the unsightly yellowing is prevented by dark topcoats. During application of the paint always begin with the thumb, because it through the large area has the longest dry season.

5. After each use, clean the threads of the nail polish bottle and cap good tighten. May not escape the volatiles. The Council, nail polish kept in the fridge is neither practical nor necessary. On the contrary, when applied to cold paint is too thick, dry and flaking badly faster.

6. Nails do not cut with scissors as they can splinter easily break and then, if need be cut with special nail clippers. Large, wide nails look smaller when the paint is not too bright and if narrow nails painted fully and avoid dark paint so they look bigger.

Nail care tips in Urdu

Nail care tips in urdu

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