Nail care tips

Nails care tipsNails are the hard horn like envelope covering on the fingers and these fingernails and toenails are made of a tough protein called keratin. Where we care our hands and feet skin it is essential to give some care to our nails.

You can use different methods for proper nail care but mostly women’s used manicure to care their nail and remove the dead skin around the nails. Strong nails and silky smooth hands must be a dream! With a few simple nail care tips, your nails catch the eye kept femininity!. Here are a few essential beauty tips for nail, nails care tips, nail care tips in Urdu to perfectly manicured your nails and to give a beautiful look!

Nail care tips

1.   Remove any paint residue with a nail polish remover without acetone. Rinse after each hand so that the nail polish remover on too long with the nails is thoroughly in touch, because that dries them out.

2.   Bath your hands and feet then a few minutes in lukewarm soapy water. Remove the dead skin on the nail edges. Treat your hands and feet as soon as they are dry again, a nourishing therapeutic bath of lukewarm olive oil to the keratin of the nails to strengthen.

3.   You polish your nails because the nail polishers smooths not only grooves and bumps but also gives nails shine again and luminosity. You filing the nails from the side to the middle and always in the same direction so as not to split. Avoid using a metal nail file, which makes the nails brittle!

4.   Then Apply a moisturizer and massage fingers and nails easily. If you have a colored nail polish to use, you only wear a protective base coat on your nails that do not discolor.

5  If you have brittle nails or sensitive nails, you should avoid long nails. Cut the nails from short and straight. Massage the hands and feet every night with a special hand & nail cream or with a little olive oil to avoid that split the nails.

6.   Get used on the chewing fingernails it helps a nail polish with an unpleasant, bitter taste. Wash your hands and feet with cold water. Bypass it to cut your nails Filing is better. Restrict the use of a quick drying nail polish, because this makes the nails become brittle.

7.   Always wear a protective base coat under colored paint. Don’t cut the cuticles away, but slather them with a nail cream, and then press the skin gently with a cotton swab or a cuticle pusher back.

Nail care in Urdu

nail care tips in urdu

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