Summer skin care in urdu

skin care tips for summerAs the summer sun shiny and hot days come our skin need more care and protection againstUV Rays” and hotness because these “Ultra Violet Rays” and hot climate effects in summer damage our skin cells and making it dark and dry. If you want soft and clean clear skin then you should have to care your skin properly and must use sun block and creams to give maximum protection to your skin in summer season.

In summer our skin need more moisture and nourishment to live elastic and soft. Here we submit summer skin care tips and summer skin care tips in Urdu for dry, oily and sensitive skin care. Both men and women’s can get benefits from our summer skin care tips and make their skin more beautiful and soft.

Summer skin care tips

1. Don’t swim regularly in summer because do to lots of sun shine water “Dehydrate” from our skin surface. If in this situation you spend lots of time in water your skin get dry.

2. If you want do swimming then apply any moisture in which the amount of “Oxidant” is rich on your whole body. These types of moisturizer’s give nourishment and moisture to your skin and preventing you skin surface from dry even if you are in water.

3. Protect your skin from “Ultra Violet Rays” of sun because these rays directly effect our skin tone and tissues. You can use caps, umbrella and creams to protect you skin from “UV rays” effects.

4. Try that your face not come in direct contact with sunlight. Use light color clothes and accessories to get maximum protection against UV rays. Dark color observed the sunlight and store the heat from rays.

5. Use moisturizer or sun block according to your skin type. If you can not access to cosmetics creams and sun block then you can use natural sun block “Rose Sap” to protect you skin in summer.

6. Eat healthy and green fruits and vegetables. Properly used those foods that contain rich amount of Vitamins (Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Vitamin E) to put you skin moist and soft in summer.

Summer skin care in Urdu

summer skin care tips in urdu

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