Summer skin care

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Summer skin care tipsAs you know that in summer our skin become dry and lots its moisture due to extreme hot weather conditions and it is much difficult to retain the structure of skin.

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Another factor is that in summer season due to sunlight our skin become dark and it is essential to care you skin in summer to maintain the tone and color of your skin.

For that reason care your skin in summer season and you should have to take some important steps to care your skin in summer.

Summer skin care tips

In summer skin need extra care, here below are summer skin care tips for men and women skin.

1. Use summer skin care lotions in summer season. Use those skin care products according to summer season those can observe by your skin. Jell and moisturizers are well for your skin in summer.

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2. Fruity lotions are well for your skin and you should use those lotions which are come in markets with orange and mango fragrance in summer season for your proper skin care.

3. Use lotion or moisture on your body after taking shower or bath in summer for maintaining skin moisture. The use of lotions in summer make an internal cells layer on skin and maintain the internal skin moist.

4. Every day after minute by minute our skin ejects the dead cells. If we don’t clean them from our skin then these dead skin calls remain attached with our skin and make it ugly. And its doesn’t matter whether you face the sunlight or not.

5. If you don’t do message or cleansing process then your skin then your skin become dead, fade and loss its shine.

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There are many types of cleansing apparatus are available in markets. you should have done the cleansing at least twice week for maintaining moisture and shine in your skin.

Summer skin care tips in Urdu

Summer skin care tips in urdu

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