Winter skin care in urdu

Winter skin care tipsWhat does our skin in winter the most? And how can I protect them from the bitter cold? In the winter our skin needs a little more attention and care. The temperature change disrupts the hydro lipid film of the skin and favors the trans epidermal water loss. It is therefore important to pay attention to a good moisture and lipid balance. Lipid containing creams with innovative active ingredients to support the skin’s protective barrier and in this way regulate the lipid and moisture balance.

Winter skin care

1.   The individual needs of the skin are the decisive factors for the choice of facial skin care and the amount of care. It is important to provide morning and evening after cleansing the skin with the necessary care.

2.   For large amount of cream can not be optimally absorbed by the skin and can it from the physiological bring balance. It can react with impurities.

Dry skin care

Against dry skin help lipid rich creams on a water in oil base. They form a thin insulating and protective layer on the skin, holding a walk in the cold at bay and prevent the skin’s moisture evaporates excessively. For people with oily or acne prone skin, however it is advisable to stay in the winter with the usual skin care products, thus the formation of sebum clogging will not be funded.

Sensitive skin care

The best care for sensitive and dehydrated skin needs in addition to an intense and long lasting moisture supply, and also for strengthening the resilience and skin’s own protective barrier. The texture also has the taut skin that is prone to discomfort, take into account. You must slide smoothly over the skin and cause directly a pleasant well being.

Winter skin care in Urdu

Winter skin care in Urdu

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