Winter skin care tips

Winter skin careIt is some what difficult to dry skin care in winter season as compared to oily skin (read oily skin care tips) and normal skin. Because our skin face extreme dry and cold season.

So when we wash our hands or face with hot water the cuticle of our skin rapture and cracked. The dry skin have thick cuticle layer and rough skin tone with open pores. Wrinkles and dark spots can easily be seen on that type of skin.

  • Oily skin is ideal skin type because age spots and wrinkles are not formed on that type of skin even in old ages. But this type of skin have main problem of acne.

Here we tell you winter skin care tips. With these skin care tips (read home beauty tips) you can easily care your dry and oily skin in winter season and can make your skin beautiful even in dry cold season.

Winter skin care tips

1. If you have oily skin with black heads and acne then when you get up in morning take cotton or tissue batch. Now dip cotton pad in lukewarm water and clean them. In this way you can easily get rid from acne and black heads.

2. Mix Sodium bicarbonate with Rose water and apply on face and hands. Start slow message on skin with finger tips in round movement. After 5 minutes wash your face.

  • By this message your skin get natural shine. After that apply skin toner on your face and rose sap is best for that purpose.

3. For removing facial masks from skin don’t use sponge because the use of sponge is hazardous for facial skin. The tiny dirt on sponge pores can cause acne (read acne skin care) on your facial skin.

  • For removing skin care masks from facial skin you can use cotton pad instead of sponge.

4. One way of causing of acne on face is undue friction of facial masks on face. Always give message on facial skin for 5 minutes and remove it with wet and soft hands.

5. For removing turmeric, basin or scrub masks from facial skin, First shower facial skin with drops of water and then soak tissue in rose water and remove the mask slowly.

  • But be remember don’t use undue friction for removing mask.

Extra winter skin care tip

Always use lukewarm water for washing facial skin in winter. Because when we was our skin with cold or hot water it destroyed our skin cells. This may cause cracks and roughness in skin.

Winter skin care tips in Urdu

winter skin care tips in urdu

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