Winter skin care

winter skin care tipsWinter is for our skin a real stress test because cold temperatures and heated air, they can dry out quickly.

However, with proper winter skin care to protect your skin effectively. In the winter, proper skin care is important, Constant itching, small cracks and loose skin cells in winter are common beauty (read home beauty tips) problems.

Here we write winter skin care tips for men and women dry and sensitive skin care. Both can take benefit from our these winter skin care tips.

Winter skin care tips

1. The more oily creams are better for dry skin care in winter season. For a moisturizer without fat can freeze in freezing temperatures on the skin and thus cause tissue damage.

2. Give skin extra care while you sleep (read sleeping tips), apply some moisturizing cream on hands and feet.

  • Covers hand and feet with thick gloves and socks pull it and leave it overnight.

3. Not only creams nourish the skin, and shower oils can protect them from drying out.

  • It is best to use shower oils for 2 to 3 times a week instead of shower gel.

4. After showering, pat and dry the skin better, instead of leaving wet, As the caring substances of the shower oil remain on the skin.

5. Winter skin care even from inside. The best options for getting soft and clean skin are drinking water and tea in winter season, they have hardly any calories.

  • Drink plenty pf water at least 1.5 liters a day in winter days.

Extra winter skin care

Actually our sebaceous glands produce a thin layer of fat that protects and prevents our skin from losing moisture. From around minus 8 degrees, the sebaceous glands produce no more fat.

But not only the cold is problematic, and the dry heated air makes the skin to create.

Winter skin care in Urdu

Winter skin care in Urdu

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