Beauty tips for men

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men beauty tipsMen skin is somewhat different nature than women and therefore has special needs. There are also external influences.

In winter, the skin suffers due to air heating and cooling, and air conditioning in summer when running under dehydration.

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Of course, a permanently healthy lifestyle has the biggest impact on the physical appearance. But sometimes it takes a few quick and very effective measures that make the man look fast fit and fresh after a hard day at the office in the evening.

  • Here are a few beauty tips for men with immediate effect and some with long lasting effects.

Beauty tips for men

1. After a busy day, the skin can quickly look tired and pale. So you should just enjoy the evening a few minutes to allow them to grow the face again.

  • This best a swing warm, then cold water on face, because that stimulates blood circulation. Then spread about 1 tsp of the face mask and 5 minutes to put up your feet and relax close eyes.

2. Moisturizing mask is recommended. Such masks often contain high doses of water dispenser such as Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic acid. By a lower proportion of oils and lipids in facial masks, the moisture introduced into the skin is saved.

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3. To enhance the conditioning effect still anti stress eye mask applied to the eyelids. Quick wrinkles (read wrinkle skin care tips) are smoothed and softened swollen eyelids.

  • The soothing moisturizing mask, gives lot of moisture to skin and is particularly suitable for the regeneration of irritated, stressed skin even after too much sun suitable.

4. The skin tends to impurities, a mask with healing earth fraction recommends. Healing Earth has anti-inflammatory and sucks excess oil on skin.

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The complexion looks radiant characterized by very quickly and fresh by regular use of healing earth.

Beauty tips for men in Urdu

Men beauty tips in Urdu

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