Beauty totkay

beauty tips and totkayAs we know there are 4 season in our country Pakistan, and with the change in season we face lots of skin problems. So it is important for us to protect our skin from seasonal effect.

If we wouldn’t take these minute skin problems seriously, With the passage of time wrinkles, acne and black heads start to appear on our skin.

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Due to these wrinkles and acne spots our skin look dull and ugly. You can care your skin with different care creams and lotions to put skin soft and beautiful with the changing season.

If you aren’t satisfied form the market care products then we write beauty totkay  for men and women’s. By following these beauty totkay in Urdu men and women can get fair and soft skin in every season.

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Beauty totkay

1. Mix milk cream with honey and make creamy paste. Now message on hands, face and feet, Regular use of this paste make skin soft and clean.

  • Also take 3 lemon juice and add 2 tsp Saffron and 1 tsp olive oil in it. Mix them well and message on facial skin before going to bed.

2. Boil mint leafs in water, now drink this water on empty stomach. Grind melon seeds without peel and make creamy paste by adding some water.

  • If we rub fresh yogurt on black skin within few days your skin will look beautiful and shinny.

3. Finely grind white muster and sesame, make mask with addition of milk and apply on facial skin before going to sleep.

  • Also if you rub finely grind poppy or tomato juice on black skin, after few days the black skin turn in to beautiful white skin.

4. Take one egg and separate it yolk, add 2 tsp almond oil and 1 tsp lemon juice in it. Well stir all the ingredients until foam appears on surface, now message slowly on facial skin with this masks. After 10 min wash the facial skin with lukewarm water.

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5. If we wash our facial skin regularly with milk within few days black skin change into beautiful white soft skin. Take egg albumin and stir it well and apply it on face, this may also change black skin into white.

Beauty totkay in Urdu

Urdu beauty totkay

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