Energy saving ideas

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energy saving ideasAs we know our country is passing from energy and power crises in last 8 years and we are facing problem of load shedding.

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About 80% electricity is in homes and offices and bazaars, and other 20% in commercial sector.

If we low the power consumption in our homes, then we can save lots of electricity and can get rid from load shedding. Along with that save energy and power at homes, that isn’t only better for us, also for others and for our feature.

So for saving energy at home read our energy saving ideas and also other about them because by following these energy saving tips not only save money on bills also you save power for feature.

Energy saving ideas

1. All electrical appliances and lamps not in use, consumers should turn it off and do it properly. The stand by mode gives up to 10% of the current costs.

Use best off switches and switchable power strips, once, and all devices are off. Energy savings calculator will help to identify further savings.

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2. Replaces a old bulb with a 15 or 25 watt energy saving lamp, can reduce power consumption by 52 kilowatt hours per year with a burning time of 3 hours a day.

3. For the production of large quantities of batteries are needed for energy and raw materials are added often toxic heavy metals. “Environmentally friendly and long term are much cheaper rechargeable batteries” However, consumers should avoid using battery powered devices.

4. Phone calls, mobile Internet via 3G, WiFi or UMTS, and display multimedia applications, dim the display if possible. Turn off all the transmit and receive parts that are not needed, completely made.

5. Upgrade if possible from technical, less powerful computers are fully sufficient for many applications such as text, the internet and Email.

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Laptops consume on average about 70% less electricity than desktop PCs with comparable features. Don’t use sleep or power save mode in modern monitors on screensaver.

Energy saving ideas in Urdu

Energy saving ideas in Urdu

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