Home energy saving tips

home energy saving tipsMore than quarters of total energy consumption in a home to go to the account of space heating and hot water production. Larger amounts of energy can be saved only through comprehensive modernization measures such as upgrading the heating or building insulation.

In times of difficult economic situation and the increased need also to engage in daily life to protect the environment, it hardly comes to words like home energy saving tips  around.

However, many shy away from the consistent implementation of such measures because they fear large incisions or a disproportionate effort. After all, who wants to likes restrict or make his life upside down?

But that this is not absolutely necessary and even small changes bring clearly visible effects, the home energy saving tips collected here will prove. They are easy to implement and require far less effort than you might think like at the moment.

You may read home energy saving tips for saving energy and power at your homes. By adopting these tips you can save electricity as well as your money for future.

Home energy saving tips

1. Turn power consumers such as printer and monitor when not in use. So you can save a lot of energy during work breaks!. For the production of a battery requires more energy than it supplies itself! Therefore, always use as power cable or batteries.

2. Energy saving light bulbs are now available in different light colors and shapes in markets which save electricity about 80% and are more efficient than incandescent bulbs. Yo can save 90 to 95% electricity if you use halogen bulbs at homes.

3. Modern water circulation pumps are automatically regulate the water in pipes without electric motor or pump. So by using this modern technology you can save lots of money and electricity.

4. Use instant water heater instead of Geysers. Because instant water heaters automatically heat water only when you required it.  For washing clothes use lukewarm water and also thanks to our modern detergents it is usually really clean even at 40°C.

5. After charging a cell phone, Digital camera, Razor power is consumed when the chargers are not removed from the network therefore always pull out the things from plug!.

Home energy saving tips in Urdu

home energy saving tips in urdu

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