Scarves and hats

scarves and hats fashionScarves, hats are popular in today’s fashion because you play with them and can let your creativity run wild.

  • With scarves and hats you can change your look, that suit your mood.

The soft material does not irritate the sensitive scalp, the comfort is high, the handling slightly, the look natural.

Scarves and hats

Pure silk, cotton, linen or viscose, fabric, branded or designers scarves and hats, just today are caps in and the fashion is diverse!

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There are endless possibilities, caps that protect the neck, refined straw hats, towels, which are bound to turbans, beanies tree, and there are all the comforts of home.


There are long, medium long, short hairpieces and hair filler. There are also towels that have hairpieces on the back of the neck, front with fringe or with a hair wreath that you can attach with Velcro to the cloth.

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You can choose between many options for you the right thing. Caps, hats or hair caps are not much popular in eastern fashion industry, Because most of the eastern part of world consists on Muslims countries and that’s why the prefer scarves then hats and caps.

  • But in western world these hats, hair caps have much importance in fashion. Hats and caps were wear as important wedding accessory by brides as well as boys use hats as fashion style.

Here below we put some elegant and stylish hats and caps collection for women’s. So you can check them and if you deserved them and want to buy then you can buy them from Online web stores.


Scarves are becoming most popular in modern fashion, young girls wears scarves on abayas, or use as hijab in Muslims countries specially in Pakistan.

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For that purposes women buys ready made scarves, or designed their own from designers or local tailor. So seeing the importance of scarves we put some scarves collection for young ladies.

  • If you like any scarves design and want to buy it then you can buy them from Online stores or from local markets if they are available there.

Tips for wearing scarves and hats

1. Carrying preferred cloth of pure silk, cotton, linen or viscose. You better hold than synthetic towels that are easy to slip and can be fixed less well.

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2. The larger the cloth, the better you can tie it. Ideal are square or rectangular cloths, depending on the type and manner in which they are bound.

3. Wearing a hat under a cloth of cotton, it slips less than a silk scarf. There are good stores scarves and hats, which reach up to the neck and cover it.

  • The heat loss over the scalp is very large. So you don’t catch a cold at night (even in summer not), wear a cotton cap. This is also recommended under a hat.
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