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healthy fruit  juicesWho stands in front of the shelves in the supermarket with a variety of fruit juices, Are all the juices healthy? Offer the life out of.

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Many health conscious buyers believe the glowing endorsements of the bottles and tetra packs. But what is really behind it? Fruit Juices and thus to drink vitamins is currently in lifestyle.

Particularly rich and healthy fruit juices, there are of course in the freshness department. But the “galleries” of industrially bottled juices promise a lot of healthy ingredients.

The delicious fruits on the packages finally can not lie, yes. Or is it? “Full Fruit apple juice”, “drinking pleasure peach” or “thirst quencher Grapefruit” make it hard to the buyer.

Fruit juices benefits

1. Real fruit juices and concentrate, in the choice of the juice is advisable to proceed with caution. Only where “fruit juice” on the cover is also really 100% fruit in it. Fruit juice may also contain up to 15 grams sugar per liter of beverage.

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2. In many cases, the actual fruit juice, water is removed, and won a concentrate. This can be easier and cheaper to transport than the real juices and saves the manufacturers costs. When filling then the extracted water is added again.

3. Virtually any fruit can be processed into a juice. However, we have not any juice would taste in its natural form. Example, would be too sour cherries, bananas contain too little acid and too much flesh.

That is why some fruits are mixed with water and sugar to create a delicious drink. Such fruit juices are then declared as “fruit nectar”.

4. Fruit nectar contains only between 25 and 50% real fruit juice and contain to improve the taste up to 20% sugar. A “fruit juice beverage” includes only 6 to 30% real fruit, the rest consisting of water and sugar, and some flavors.

5. Fruits and vegetables should be an important part of our daily diet. Also fruit nectar and fruit juice drink containing only little real fruit juice. Fruit juices can contribute to this sense.

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Other versions should be very little consumed. So a glass of apple juice contains 100% fruit round 100 calories. Healthy fruit juice consumption is so only in smaller quantities.

Fruit juices benefits in Urdu

Fruit juices benefits in Urdu

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