Healthy diet

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Nutrition tipsEverywhere there are counselors with pictures of healthy beautiful people who keep crisp fruit in the camera.

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In the supermarkets there are constantly new low fat products and advertised as particularly healthy foods and dietary supplements.

The awareness that a healthy diet for your body is important, so is omnipresent. On the other hand unsettling reports of rotten meat and other food scandals.

Healthy diet

Anyone for healthy eating is interested and wants to set its own sensible eating plan, it is sometimes difficult to decide which should be followed of the many advice.

When choosing the right diet, your own situation and your own body play a major role. Different rules must be followed, depending on whether you want weight loss, maybe is diabetic, or has underweight.

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It is, as in many other areas of life also in the diet to find the right balance suitable for each age, energy needs and personal health. In addition, you can prevent disease and sometimes affect existing disease processes even positive through healthy eating.

Healthy diet tips tips

1. If possible, avoid processed foods if you are paying attention to your daily diet. Often contain a too large amount of sugar, salt, flavor enhancers and preservatives.

  • Whenever you have the opportunity to do so, you should buy fresh food and cook yourself.

2. Drink lots of fluids so your body can be optimally supplied with oxygen and nutrients and can detoxify smoothly, the blood must be as smooth as possible and to circulate freely.

  • On the day you should drink at least 2 liters aware. Best suited are water, unsweetened tea and heavily dilute juice spritzers.

3. Proteins, also called protein, consisting of the amino acids vital for us and are very important for the metabolism of your body.

  • If you play sports, your body has an increased protein requirement in your diet and you should try to take some protein at every meal to you.

4. There are simple carbohydrates, such as sugar and white flour that are digested very quickly and their energy as quickly available.

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5. Fats are an important source of energy, support your fat burning, are digested slowly and needed for many of your vital bodily functions. We recommend a daily intake of 60 to 80 grams of fat.

  • More than quantity, especially the kind of fats are important. An increased intake of animal fats you should avoid. The vegetable fats olive oil or canola oil for balanced diet are especially recommended.

Healthy diet tips in Urdu

Nutrition tips in Urdu

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