Honey benefits

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health benefits of honey
Honey is often said to have an anti-inflammatory effect. The fact is that honey is therefore, used for medicinal purposes, for example, in patients treated with honey editions wounds.

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That this, however, to a sterile product is that has nothing to do with the honey from the supermarket, many forget.

Honey benefits

As everyone knows, honey is sweet, it tastes delicious in tea or lemon juice. That he also in many ways is healthy, you may have never heard of. Wonderful honey benefits that can help with many ailments. The best honey is natural, organic, and the glass is a honeycomb.

In order to work optimally, it should contain royal jelly, propolis and pollen. Some important honey benefits and uses of honey home remedies are as fallows.

1. Honey has an antibacterial effect, it is an effective antiseptic that maintains, heals and prevents the scab stuck to the bandage wounds clean.

2. It increases energy, decreases the fatigue, stimulates mental alertness, strengthens the immune system and provides minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

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3. Honey leans against heart disease by improving blood circulation and it protects against damage to the capillaries.

  • It boosts your metabolism, stimulates weight loss also regulates bowel function, heals colitis and inflammatory bowel disease (piles).

4. Honey makes the face skin soft and acts as an exfoliant, reduce superficial wrinkles and softens dry skin on elbows and heels supple.

Honey home remedies

1. Mixed with black pepper and ginger, it helps in asthma. Mixed with fresh garlic juice it has a balancing effect on blood pressure.

2. A mixture of honey, cinnamon and hot olive oil, applied topically, prevents hair loss and stops toothache.

3. A mixture of honey, cinnamon and hot water in varying proportions relieves arthritis, bladder infections and bloating, lowers LDL cholesterol and strengthens digestion.

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Honey anti-oxidant also kill flu and other viruses, delays the aging process, improves hearing and freed from bad breath.

Honey benefits in Urdu

Benefits of honey in Urdu

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