Relaxation exercises

home relaxation exercisesA fully packed with appointments day leaves little time to find peace and relaxation. Relaxation exercises cause a beneficial effect no question.

  • But where and when to perform, to rush from one to the next appointment?

Also, relaxation exercises usually require a certain preparation, connected with time and a space where you can perform this undisturbed. Nevertheless, there are exercises (read physical exercises) that succeeds in a very short time and with minimal effort to relax the body and mind.

Relaxation exercises

2 such lightning exercises present to you now. If you do these relaxation exercises regularly at home, then you can get relief from stress and can relax your mind and body.

Mind & body relaxation exercise

The name says it all. This exercise allows you to “come down” in two minutes and slows the stressful thoughts flow. Keep your hands in front of your face and then close your eyes (read eyes care tips).

  • Get a beautiful memory in your mind. These can be pictures from your last vacation, or other events and experiences that evoke positive emotions in you.

Then breathe deeply, so that the stomach bulges (belly breathing). Hold your breath and exhale slowly. Make the whole thing about five times.

Now that you have your thoughts toward “pleasant” aligned and the breathing is calmer, you pull faces behind your hands. Through this “facial muscle exercise” otherwise here are the faces are due to stress tense facial muscles relaxed and this relaxation also causes a positive effect on the rest of the body.

  • This relaxation exercise takes about 2 minutes to complete, is effective and can be inserted in a stressful day at work.

Stress relief exercise

This stress relaxation exercise can also carry out any time between both sitting and standing. If you find the opportunity to perform this lying down, the better.

Breathe a few deep breaths. Tension in your body then all parts of the body, all the muscles you can consciously influence. Increase the tension as far as you can.

  • Hold this body voltage is about 1/2  minute. Then relax your body. The same sequence one more time finally, several times a deep breath again.

This interaction of tension and relaxation of muscles causes a warmth and a pleasant feeling of heaviness in the body. Because when tightening the muscles blood is pumped into the vessels.

Diminishes the muscle tension, there is a dilatation of the vessels and then fill them with more blood. With this stress relaxation exercise you can rest and refuel new energy (read energy saving tips) within a very short time.

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