Home pregnancy tests

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Finding the right or best home pregnancy tests can be difficult and rather confusing undertaking, especially when you first do one. Home pregnancy test usually made on 1st day after the absence of the period. You only have to collect a blood or urine sample.

Home pregnancy testA pregnancy test does not have to be carried out at a certain time of the day, but some recommend to take the test in the morning. At morning the urine concentration is stronger and errors in the results are thus less likely.

Risks of pregnancy tests

Home pregnancy tests may seem quick and simple to perform, but they are quite complicated. You should also pay attention to the traps.

  1. There is always the risk of buying an expired test, so check the expiration date.
  2. Pregnancy test that has not been retained properly, which mean that it has not been refrigerated or kept away from moisture. This can affect its reliability.
  3. If you are trying to synchronize a test incorrectly, it may distort the results.
  4. Eating certain foods or taking certain medications before doing a test can also alter the results.
  5. Even bringing blood out of a stitched finger instead of collecting droplets as they are formed could lead to an inaccurate result.

Home pregnancy tests types

Home pregnancy tests are divided into 2 categories:

  • Blood tests
  • Urine tests

Home pregnancy tests are usually accurate. They also have the advantage of being fast. If you find that your results are mixed after several tests, consult a doctor.

Blood tests

Blood pregnancy tests include:

Qualitative hCG Pregnancy test

This test determines if hCG is present in your blood. As mentioned above, if the answer is “yes”, you are definitely pregnant. If the opposite is the case and hCG is not in your blood, you are not pregnant.

Home pregnancy tests

Quantitative hCG Pregnancy test

The Quantitative hCG test tells you exactly how much hCG is present in your blood. The amazing thing about this test is that even if the available hCG values ​​are very low, it can still help in determining any problems.

Urine tests

Most women prefer to make urine pregnancy test at home, as this has the advantage of privacy and convenience. Urine pregnancy tests include:

Facelle Pregnancy test

With its simplicity and reliability it has made the face of pregnancy test Stick. This test works best when it is made from the first day of the absence of the period.

Home pregnancy testsThe early pregnancy test can be made in a beaker filled with a urine sample. The result is displayed after 3 minutes.

Cyclotest Pregnancy Test

This test is easy, fast and safe, even at a reasonable price. The test rod is put directly in the urine stream for 3 seconds and the result is obtained after 5 minutes. The test is applicable from the due date of the period.

Home-made pregnancy tests

Home-made pregnancy tests are becoming increasingly popular because women can find out if they are pregnant without having to go to a store. You can simply pick up products that you usually have at home. There are several types of home-made pregnancy tests.

Home pregnancy tests1. One of the most popular is the use of dandelion leaves. For the dandelion leaves test you have to collect leaves and put them on a piece of plastic in the shade. Urinate into a disposable cup and soak the leaves. If reddish blisters appear on the leaves after 10 to 30 minutes, it can mean that you are pregnant.

2. To perform this test, you must urinate into a disposable cup and mix the urine with Pine Sol. If the colour of the mixture changes, or becomes frothy or bubbling, this may mean that you are pregnant.

Home pregnancy tests in Urdu

Home pregnancy tests in Urdu

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