Tiredness during pregnancy

fatigue during pregnancyEspecially in the first 3 months many pregnant women feel fatigue or tiredness during pregnancy. Barely awake half an hour, you would most like to crawl again in the cozy warm bed back. The reasons of tiredness during pregnancy are here propagated in the pregnancy hormone Progesterone.

Because this hormone is very strongly formed just at the beginning, the women are so extremely tired and exhausted all the time. Even the falling blood sugar levels and usually occurring low blood pressure may be a reason why you always feel so exhausted and tiredness during pregnancy.

Tiredness during pregnancy

Many women have stepped up to fight fatigue during pregnancy. What tips can you get over it a little. Our tiredness during pregnancy tips will help you not to feel constantly tired and exhausted, but fit to start by the day.

1. Fatigue but do not only occur in the 1st trimester of pregnancy, but may just show up right in the middle. It can then usually associated with iron deficiency. You should get blood and urine from your gynecologist. In a present iron deficiency you will be prescribed tablets.

2. Eat a healthy diet. Eat something at every meal. It need not be much, but your body should always have something to do. In between, you should access to fresh fruits or vegetables and fruit or cereal bars. This gives you a real energy boost.

3. Drink about 2.5 to 3 liters a day. But instead of coffee you prefer to grab fruit juice spritzers, water or herbal teas.

4. At night you should sleep at least 8 hours that you are not so tired right after breakfast again, as on the previous evening.

5. Even if you feel good just really, if the household is clean and tidy, you should simply enjoy quiet times in the first 3 months of pregnancy and leave the housework lie. Maybe your partner for the time can take one or other things with. Oneself is sometimes a bit uncomfortable, but still need your body the rest, finally, otherwise he would not be exhausted so quickly.

Tiredness during pregnancy in Urdu

tiredness during pregnancy in Urdu

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