Cheap international calls

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Free international callsYou want to make cheap international calls with your mobile phone from Pakistan?

Or you yourself are abroad and want to use a mobile phone there?

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Make international calls from a land-line or from your mobile phone into or abroad, can go into cash quickly correct.

Especially at cheap international calls, when you’re calling abroad you can save enormously as a phone customer but, one uses one of the many cheap primaries in the open call by call or call-through.

Cheap international calls

The mobile operators have recognized the need for additional services for international calls to other countries, which is why there are more and more choices in this area.

A large role in deciding play the frequency of international calls and of course the destination country.

Europe and United States

In general, consumers have very good cards when their conversation objectives within the Europe and some other countries, such as Turkey or the United States are.

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For these areas, there are not only cheap minute rates, but also a wider range of special options. In many rates, especially at the discount stores, one is already paying as much as for calls within Pakistan.

So calls for 9 cents per minute to landlines in the European countries and to North America, For example, at Tchibo or Fonic, without having to book a special rate.


Special supplier for Turkey calls, are a lot of choice it for the Turkish community. Here vendors like Ay Yildiz and Turkcell ensure that you can call at low prices friends.

On the one that goes through special options such minute packages, on the other hand simply through a better price per minute.

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Who phoned landlines, also has more opportunities, yet also mobile calls at similar prices to talks are in there.

Cheap international calls in Urdu

Cheap international calls in Urdu

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