Video calls

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Viddeo callingIf you want to make video calls over the internet, then this is possible with a few very simple programs.

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Here you do not even pay anything for the phone calls via the Internet, because it is completely free.

Video calls

Internet telephone has been made ​​so easy to make video calls around world. In principle, one only needs to have the right calling program for it and that you can download for free. It’s called Skype and it only requires the installation.

The rest is done the program itself video calls over the internet is hereby possible and free phone calls via internet is so easy. Calls over the Internet goes well with other programs, pretty much the same, only with less quality.

Skype video calls

More then half of world internet users use Skype video calls function for making voice and video calls, as the extrapolation from a recent survey found.

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To make free phone calls over the Internet in this way is easy and mostly free. For most services for video telephone calls are costs to only the current for the Internet connection. Particularly among the young, the calls with image is popular.

Nearly every fourth pupil and student (23 percent) already on the phone with Skype and similar providers. With the smartphone boom, this trend is likely to increase, as well as connected TVs allow video calling.

For video telephone a very fast Internet access is DSL, cable, fiber optic or radio required. Slow internet connections are not supported in the rule or provide only a very inadequate image quality.

Who phoned on the PC, needs not just headphones with microphone and a webcam. Many notebooks do this is already integrated or easy to connect via a USB port.

  • Users should have a fast Internet connection and a PC. Can then be communicated on the Internet via instant messaging services such as Skype, Windows Live Messenger, FaceTime or Google Completely free of charge. Also free providers offer a quite good quality here.

It is crucial to which target groups the deals are aligned and on which devices they can be used, either smartphone, computer, or both. Since the majority of the offers is free, you can try them out and compare easily.

The choice should then also be taken into account which service is used by most interlocutors.

In general, it is a prerequisite for video calling that both parties use the same provider. Who uses about an offer from FaceTime, can not reach anyone who is logged into Skype.

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Where a sufficient UMTS network coverage or a good wireless radio cell is available, video calls are possible with the smartphone.

Video calls in Urdu

Video calls in Urdu

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