WiFi 3G calls

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WiFi 3G free calls providersThe Internet phones offer the ability to make WiFi 3G calls without consuming voice telephone credit.

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To do this, there are several free tools that work using a WiFi or 3G service operator, although in that case you have to pay the data plan.

  • In the first case, Here, a tour of the main WiFi 3G calls providers.

WiFi 3G calls

Here are the introduction of some WiFi 3G calls providers by them you can make free calls through WiFi and 3G to local and international landlines and mobiles numbers.

  • So now enjoy WiFi 3G calls facility and make worldwide free local and international calls to your friends, family and relatives.

BlackBerry messenger

The famous Messenger for BlackBerry updates and a few days ago it was revealed that the next version , available now in beta, lets call a contact directly. For this, you need both are connected via WiFi (with data plan does not work), having the OS 6 or later (eventually will be available for BlackBerry 5) and is downloaded from official website.

Whatsapp Line

This Japanese application Whatsapp promises to give competition when it comes to instant messaging. It was downloaded 73 million times in over 230 countries.

  • The main difference is that it allows WiFi 3G calls (voice and videos), and it’s free (WhatsApp is free from the first year of use).

Besides being available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, has free versions for Mac and Windows. It also functions as chat, send voice messages and recorded video.


The logic of this program is platform similar to Whatsapp communication is established between 2 numbers that have this program installed on devices.

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You can WiFi 3G calls with viber using WiFi or 3G network. In iOS, Android and Windows Phone brings all the features, while BlackBerry and Bada only allows text messages. It’s free.


Like Whatsapp Line or Viber, Tango offers a plus to traditional IM services. Allows video calls or calls using your Internet connection, over 3G or WiFi.

  • When installing the tango application, check the contacts and automatically added to those that already have the program installed.

It is available for Android, iOS and Windows. Calls are not yet available for Windows Phone.

Apple FaceTime

This is an Apple program to make WiFi 3G free calls (voice and videos) only between devices in the company. Works on both iPhone, iPod touch and iPad different versions.

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To start using it you need to enter an Apple user and email address. FaceTime also works on MacBook and iMac. It comes as built-in app on the latest versions of apple devices.

WiFi 3G calls in Urdu

WiFi 3G calls in Urdu

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