Christmas apps

Christmas appsChristmas apps for smartphones, Android, XMAS and tablets. The festive season is in many families the most atmospheric time of year.

  • As smartphones and tablets may as Quasi family members, of course, not be excluded.

And indeed with Christmas apps turns your Android system an Advent companion with benefits and a high fun factor. Since one can only say, Ho-Ho-Get me times your smartphone.

Smartphones Christmas apps

To keep track of gifts, recipient and budget, is specially designed to Christmas not entirely trivial. But with the “Xmas Organizer” you can not think of the future easier.

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To do this, write down ideas for gifts and have these people later on. This is also supported by the camera, so you can just show and communicate gift ideas.

When shopping you then support a shopping list this Christmas app that captures what it is and where to buy or order. So you no one snatches the best and most original gift ideas in his face, calling the app can be locked.

  • Further information and the installation can be reached at in Google Play Store.

Christmas tree app

Among the interesting features of Android is the ability of the live wallpaper. Android may therefore reflect the background of the home screen animations, which, although a little computation time and power consumption, but the effects are really an eye catcher.

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This also applies to the “Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper“, the Christmas atmosphere conjures on your Android home screen. The Christmas tree as a Live Wallpaper offers a lot of presentation effects, in which you can influence tree ornaments, snow, lighting, color and sounds.

In addition, the tree does not trickle at the apartment full. With this live wallpaper your Android is certainly well conditioned for Christmas before.

  • Further information and the installation can be reached at in Google Play Store.

Cookie Recipes app

If not before Christmas, when cookies will otherwise be baked? So forth with the high calorie ingredients and serve up some 30 recipes for cookies, gingerbread and stollen, which gives you the Android Christmas app “cookie recipes for Christmas” offers.

Whether Cinnamon, coconut macaroons or honey gingerbread, All recipes are easy after baking and sustainable scent of honey, cinnamon and almonds will magically pull even the largest Advent muffle in the kitchen.

  • This tasteful Christmas app is free and can be downloaded from Google Play store.

Winter Recipes

Who has earned after strenuous shopping for Christmas gifts, the stroll through the Christmas market in freezing temperatures or after a walk through the snowy winter forest an inner warming.

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The winters to recipes, put a smile on the face of mulled wine & Co.. In this app you can find recipes for mulled wine, punch, coffee specialties and warming wellness teas.

With the simple step by step instructions each drink succeed guaranteed, and if you have tried, you can your favorite winter recipes also forward the same e-mail to friends and relatives.

  • Further information and the installation can be reached at Google Play Store.

Christmas music Online app

Who wants to bring music in the proper Christmas spirit, which will help the app “Christmas Music Online“. The app records your music requests and looking at the many streaming radio stations on the Internet afterwards.

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Since the pieces are not downloaded to your smartphone, there are no legal difficulties and Bing Crosby is “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” blaring from your smartphone.

The app offers 3G support and additional alarm with sleep timer. Note that depending on the service contract used for the use charges associated with all streaming services.

  • Further information and the installation can be reached at Google Play Store.

Important tip

The featured apps are only a very small selection. The best way to search in addition also even in the Google Play store by the search word “Christmas” and Allied terms. I am sure you will still get a lot of interesting results.

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