GPS and GTSIn the area of early warning, there are many applications for GPS and GTS (Global positioning system and Ground tracking system) based technologies. Are common to all applications, availability of GPS measurements.

As the basis of high accuracy for all GPS and GTS based applications of the Indonesian Early Warning System, a network of newly developed was real time reference stations installed in Indonesia.

GPS and GTS technology

GPS and GTS technology (GPS: Global positing system and GTS ground tracking technologies). GPS and GTS maps technology, uses both indoor and outdoor maps (read indoor maps) for tracking and collecting data.

GPS (Global positing system)

Rapid availability of GPS based measurement results is a automatic, near real time processing of GPS data obtained. The system processes the GPS data from land stations (real time stations and GPS and GTS systems at Gauging Stations) and the GPS data of GITEWS buoys and thus contributes to the coasts and also for the determination of water levels at.

  • The GPS based “Ground Tracking System” is an automated system for near real time determination of co-seismic ground motion, an important parameter for assessment of tsunami risk after strong earthquakes.

In addition, studies will lead to new technologies such as GPS Reflectometry performed, which could make a valuable contribution to tsunami early warning in the future.

GTS (Ground Tracking System)

Automatic, near real time determination of co-seismic ground motion (Ground Tracking System). The strength (magnitude) and the location (epicenter + depth) of a strong earthquake can be determined quickly and accurately with the measurement technology and methods of seismology.

How and to what extent the surface thereby deformed in the region of the earthquake (deformed) was, can only be estimated with the help of Seismology previously, but are not accurately determined.

  • For the Tsunami Early Warning important, quick response to the question of whether an earthquake has triggered a tsunami, but the knowledge of these co seismic deformation is just particularly relevant.

Here to help the GPS measurement technology (GPS stations) and a special evaluation GPS and GTS system, which detected ground movement at the surface and can be accurately determined.

In combination with other techniques (For Example simulations of flooding prone areas, based on the measurement results) can thus be significantly improved the reliability of tsunami early warnings.

Within the project GITEWS an automatically operating system for the determination of soil movement or co-seismic deformations was developed by the GFZ.

  • Accurate information about possible ground motions are also available for the locations of Gauging Stations, which are equipped for this reason usually equipped with GPS and GTS devices.

Has the location of a Gauging Station as changed during an earthquake, the measured values obtained there must be corrected to water table heights or rejected for early warning purposes.

For the processing of the measured data on GITEWS buoys GPS data, the system ensures that movements of reference points used as GPS and GTS stations are identified on land and in the wake of other GPS stations can be selected as reference points.

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