Extend iPhone battery life

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Extend iPhone battery life tipsiPhone battery runs out quickly? what to do for longer battery life in iPhone smartphones.

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What extend iPhone battery life tips do you implement a concrete and which do not, you should from your habits and preferences dependent. Not every tip is useful for everyone.

Extend iPhone battery life

To extend iPhone battery life fallow these simple and effective tips:

1. WiFi and GPS, is one of the largest energy consumers on the iPhone. So only on WiFi and GPS when needed.

  • This not only saves energy but is also interesting for privacy reasons.

2. Unlock the positioning of the system functions for which you do not need it.

  • TO turn off fallow this go to Options -> Privacy -> Location Services -> System Services.

3. Switch UMTS (3G) if you do not need fast wireless connection.

  • To switch go to Settings -> Mobile Network -> Enable 3G.

In iOS LTE setting option is network service provider dependent. However, we can use safely, it will consume less power than UMTS.

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4. Turn Bluetooth off when you do not need it. Compared to WLAN, UMTS and GPS, Bluetooth is relatively economical. But clearly, if you have a Bluetooth device or almost never uses that do not waste energy.

5. Turn off push notifications from the apps, of which you will not need any messages.

  • To turn off extra notification go to Settings -> Messages (-> the app in question).

6. Set the data synchronization of email and calendar on a long interval and use as few mailboxes.

  • To do so go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Fetch New Data.

7. Turn the background update from the Apps of which you do not need it.

  • For that go to Settings -> General -> Background update.

8. Disable the sending of diagnostic and usage data to Apple.

  • To turn off go to Options -> Privacy -> Diagnostics & Terms -> Do not Send.

9. Dim display brightness, To dim the brightness has not just eyes but also the battery. Example iPhone 6, consumption can be influenced by more than half with the display brightness.

10. Out the iPhone lock on a short interval. Default lock time is 30 sec or above, reduce it to 10 or 15 sec.

  • To do this go to Settings -> General -> Auto-Lock.

11. Also Turn off automatic activation and auto-brightness.

  • To deactivate that option go to Settings -> Brightness & Wallpapers -> Auto-Brightness.


Charging at least once a month on your iPhone completely and defecate it until it turns off by itself. The iPhone puts a lithium battery.

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Temperatures above 35 degrees can permanently damage the battery, lower temperatures are less problematic.

Extend iPhone battery life in Urdu

Extend iPhone battery life in Urdu

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