Laptop battery optimization tips

There is nothing more frustrating (our opinion) than a dying laptop battery and no power source is available. Sure, we’ve all been in this situation several times, in which the laptop battery life is simply too low and we therefore have to quit our job.

There is good news; that this type of situation can be avoided by optimizing laptop battery performance.

Laptop battery optimization tips

Here below are some useful tips and tricks for increasing laptop battery timing.

1. Calibrate Your Battery

Most laptop batteries today have an internal processor that estimates battery life. Calibrate your battery and the system will show you the correct remaining battery life. How to get the most out of your laptop battery. Ideally, you should do this 3-4 times a year.

How to calibrate laptop battery?
  • Plug in the power adapter and connect it to your laptop until the battery is fully charged. Once the battery is 100% charged, click Start and then Control Panel.
  • Click System and Security › Power Options and then Create Power Plan (left).
  • Create a new plan with your own name, and then click Next.
  • Select the time options for screen and save mode “Never“. So the battery is emptied the fastest and does not switch to sleep mode.
  • Allow the battery to discharge completely until the laptop turns off, but do not forget to unplug the power cord first.
  • Plug in the power adapter and restart your laptop. Return to the Power Plan dialog and make your desired power save settings.

The battery of the laptop has now been successfully calibrated and the battery indicator will now play an accurate reading.

2. Customize Laptop Settings

Almost every new laptop has power options settings. Optimize these settings for maximum performance.

How to Customize laptop Settings?

1. The easiest way to get the most out of your laptop battery is by adjusting the power management settings in the Control Panel. Most are familiar with these tools and usually have 3 different setting options. If you need your laptop for several hours, you will probably make the most power saving setting. Except for very computer-intensive programs or working in direct sunlight, these settings are also completely sufficient.

2. Another way to get the most out of your laptop battery is to identify the main energy consumers and make adjustments. Here are a few high energy consumers listed, which should be limited to a minimum necessary:

  • Dimming your screen as much as possible
  • Turning off Bluetooth and WiFi does not save a lot of energy, but sometimes every little bit counts.
  • Access to CD / DVD drives on your laptop should be avoided at all costs. Copy everything you need to the hard drive.
  • USB devices or whatever you can plug into the USB port requires power. Even if the device is not in use! It’s just not the best time to try out your new hand warmer.

So the next time you sit at your laptop, remember that with just a few well considered settings, you can get up to 80% longer runtime. Turn off what you do not need and enjoy the longer term.

2. Buy an Energy Saving Processor CPU Type

The right processor can have a big impact on how long your laptop can last. Newer CPUs drive parts of the computer down to save power. Intel chips are usually better than AMD chips.

Those with a larger L2 cache usually need more power, but they work faster, so the overall performance is the same again. The latest 65nm Memrons from Intel are extremely powerful and energy efficient.

3. Run only programs that you need

Running multiple programs at the same time will drain the battery faster. Close programs whenever you no longer need them or need them later.

4. Disable unneeded startup programs

Do you know any programs that run automatically at startup? You probably do not need it, or use most of them anyway. So just turn them off before they eat resources in your battery. For this purpose you can use Startup Changer software.

5. Keep the operating temperature down

Batteries will perform better when they are cool. Regularly clean your fan ventilation holes, making sure they are always open during work. Having the laptop on your lap can hinder the flow of air.

6. Avoid watching DVD’s or playing games

If you’re on the move and there’s no outlet nearby, you should avoid this. DVD’s and games require a lot of energy.

7. Do not stand by, but drive down

In standby mode, energy is still consumed by storing and switching components. So turn off your laptop when you do not need it.

8. Cleaning the battery contact points

The correct battery maintenance involves cleaning the battery contacts. The power is transmitted through the contacts and to be efficient they should be as clean as possible. Take a cotton swab and alcohol.

9. Use your battery

As soon as the battery is charged, it should also be used. Never leave it unused for more than 2-3 weeks. This is very important for Li-ion batteries.

10. Do not stand in sunlight

Batteries are sensitive and can be damaged at extreme temperatures. In addition, the temperature sucks the battery slowly empty.

11. Reduce hard drive activity

When your hard drive spins, it requires energy. Regular de-fragmentation will reduce the demand on the hard disk as the data is found faster. If you want to increase your laptop battery life then buy laptops with SSD instead of HDD.

12. Be Fiddly with the Software

Some software programs suffer from the Krona Battery Eater Syndrome. Avoid software such as Adobe Photoshop, your digital camera software and other image editing software.

13. Less screen is more

Next time you buy a new laptop, think twice if you need a 17 inch screen. The smaller the screen, the longer the life of the battery.

14. Turn off the speakers

If you want to listen to music, use your iPod and not the laptop. But make sure that the device is not plugged into the laptop and requires power.

15. Replacement Battery

If possible always take a spare battery with you. In an emergency, this can be very useful.

Laptop battery optimization tips in Urdu

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