Windows 7 FTP

windows 7 ftp servicewindows 7 ftp serviceIf you want to share your data with other friends or acquaintances, so the easiest way is to set up an windows 7 FTP server.

The FTP protocol has the advantage that it can be accessed from any computer without installing an additional program with this. Because each browser can handle FTP and so secure quick access to your shared data.

It is not necessary to use expensive tools needed only Windows 7 or a freeware tool. However, some freeware programs are significantly easier to use than the built-in Windows 7 FTP Server. Know here how to enable FTP server in Windows 7 and how to reach Windows 7 FTP server from Internet.

Windows 7 FTP server

Basically you have 2 options. Either you use the built-in Windows 7 FTP server, or an external add-on FTP program.

Built-in FTP server

1. For the former variant you go into the Control Panel “Programs and Features“, Click on “Turn Windows features on” and activated there under the “Internet Information Services” to the FTP server.

2. If the installation is finished, the Windows 7 FTP service should be running already. You can check this by entering the following address in the browser or Explorer: ftp://localhost.

The Rootordner (shared folder) located in C :/ Inetpub.

External add-on FTP program

For the second option you can find on the Internet a lot of free tools. A very good tool, but you can find in the Filezilla server. FileZilla should have already known some of you as a client program. But the server offers plenty of amenities.

1. To Start the FileZilla ftp server, go download this one first down on the website. Then just follow the installation routine. This automatically selects the best configuration.

FileZilla FTP service for Windows 72. If the FIleZilla ftp server is installed, you must create only permissions and approvals. For this purpose you open the Filezilla server interface.

Above you will find a simple menu. In the “Edit” you can now under the “Users” set up a new user. Here you can specify the same password, and a folder for the user.

How to reach FTP server from Internet

If it uses a firewall and you want to make the FTP server accessible to the outside, you have to port 21 release. The same applies if you used a router with NAT filter.

Another problem is dynamic IP addresses. Because many ISPs you get each assigned a new address within 24 hours. Nevertheless, in order to your windows 7 FTP server can always be reached at the same address, you still need a DynDNS service.

Many of these services are free and offer appropriate tools to, is always transferred with the your current IP address to the service. So everyone can always access your FTP server with the same address entry in the browser.

Windows 7 FTP in Urdu

windows 7 ftp in Urdu

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